The Basics of Business Startup PLR

There is no doubt this is a trying time for small businesses whether online or offline.

Major corporations, big box stores, groceries, and drugstore chains haven’t felt the effect of Covid-19 like small businesses, entrepreneurs, and Mom and Pop stores.

It makes no sense and yet here we are.

Brian Hill and Dee Power have helped thousands of small and mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs through our four businesses books, business plan consulting services, presentations, seminars, and our website. And we're here to help you with our:

The Basics of Business PLR Package

With the Covid19 lockdown, job losses, and uncertain economic environment, many are looking to start a business but have little idea of what they need to do. This package provides the answers.

The Basics of Business Guide Book

A 3000 word guide book with the following chapters.

business plan Setting Up Your Home Office

business plan Boring But Necessary: Structure, Licenses, Taxes, Receiving and Making Payments

business plan Tracking Revenues and Expenses

business plan Does Your Home-based Business Need a Business Plan?

21 Day Action Plan Marketing Challenge

You've got the basics down. You know what an affiliate is and the difference between PPC and CPA. Maybe you've created your own product or you've already set up a blog. What you're struggling with is what to do and when to do it to start making money online.

That's why this 21 Day Action Plan Marketing Challenge was created. Do you struggle with hit and miss techniques? One day diligently posting comments in forums until your fingers are worn out from typing and then forget about it for a week. Then you hop over to Facebook and update, update, update for a day or so.

So here you are. It's all mapped out for you. Start today. Don't shove this guide on your hard drive and think you'll start tomorrow. Start now.

21 Business Tips

Use them as blog posts, social media, combine into a giveaway or as guest posts. Over 3500 words

Business Checklist

A list of what you need to do to get your business up and going

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Basics of Business

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