The Weight Loss Industry Is a
$64 Billion Dollar a Year Market.

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Isn't it time you got your fair share of this lucrative niche?

Blast Off The Fat
Private Label Rights Strategic Bundle

Weight loss is one of the hottest topics for self improvement. Everybody from grandma to teenagers want to get rid of belly bloat, jiggly thighs, love handles and big butts.

Our Blast Off the Fat PLR package give you the ammunition to take aim at this profitable niche.

plr packagesOver 50% of the population in the United States is considered overweight or obese. And the trend is increasing.

lose weight plr packages74% of woman would like to lose weight or believe they need to lose weight.

fast weight loss plr3 out of 4 men are overweight or obese.

diet tips plr packagesBeing fat leads to major health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.

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This strategic bundle plr package Blast Off the Fat doesn't focus on any one weight loss program but explains several including paleo, low calorie, low carb, packaged foods, green smoothie diet and more.

Why is this important? It gives you the opportunity to offer more than one diet or weight loss product.

How Big is this Niche?

Take a look at any grocery or drug store magazine rack. Headlines like "Lose 10 pounds in 10 Days," "This One Secret Melts off Belly Fat," "5 Foods that You Must Eat to Lose Weight," scream out at you. These magazines know that the weight loss niche is a gold mine for attracting customers.

Providing quality content is a key to your successful MARKETING STRATEGY.

We have created what we call "THE STRATEGIC BUNDLE" of content.

Each element of our PLR packages is a vital component of your tactical plan to build your visibility and your sales.

Look at PLR as Your Salesforce that is out there 24/7

Here's what you get in the Blast Off the Fat PLR Bundle.

plr packages6000+ word ebook docx and pdf

plr packages12 articles ranging from 400 to 500 words each

plr packages21 Autoresponder series of 100 to 150 words each

plr packages12 Tweets

plr packages8 Social Media updates 50 to 100 words each, includes photos

plr packages5 Memes

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Use our content as a basis to inspire your own creativity and generate future content yourself.

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Give the PLR as a thank-you to customers who have bought from you.

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Create your own podcast series, or newsletter series, using the PLR content as topics.

Content to help you CREATE AND BUILD YOUR BRAND Content we are proud to put OUR NAMES ON and now available for you to PUT YOUR NAME AND BRAND ON.

Think of the cost if you hired someone on a freelance basis to research this topic and write all of this content.

You've seen, and possibly even purchased, PLR content that was bland, boring, and poorly written. Our PLR shows our commitment to and excitement about, our topics. Written by authors whose skills have been vetted in the highly competitive publishing marketplace. If you hired us to write this for you, we would have to charge SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

There's only three things you can't do with this material: Resell it as PLR, sell the photo graphs/images or use my name or Brian's as the author.

There are no refunds for this product. Any problems email authors @ There are only 3 restrictions. 1. Do not put my name as author. 2. Do not resell as PLR. 3. Do not resell any graphics. Blast the Fat PLR

Tips for Easy Weight Loss Chapter Outline 8100 words

Confused about how to get started on your weight loss program? Don't know which program will work for you? Can't figure out the difference between low carb and low calorie? Or maybe you'd like to try that Paleo or Green smoothie diet everyone has been talking about. Tips to Lose Weight Fast answers those questions and more.

Learn which foods burn off fat; which foods have negative calories. How to avoid gaining weight when dining out. Will exercise help you boost our weight loss? How to choose a fitness center.

Ready ... Set --- Go

Your mind is your best tool weight loss tool.
Keep a diary of the food you eat.
Plan to diet.
Set a goal for your weight loss and interim targets.
Consider enlisting your family in your weight loss program.

Which Diet Program Will Work For You
Low Carb
Low Calorie
Prepackaged Food Programs
Diet Miracle Pills
The South Beach Diet
Paleo Diet
Juice Fast
Smoothie Diet
Five Off Two On

Sensible Eating Habits
Nine Ways to Transform Your Eating Habits

Exercise and Diet
Exercise for thirty minutes every day, but you don't have to do it all at once
Exercise in the Morning Not at Night
Lose Weight: Join a Fitness Center
What to Look for When Looking for a Fitness Center

Easy Changes You Can Make to Help Lose Weight

12 Articles

Five Foods to Boost Your Weight Loss 457 words

Four Foods to Burn Fat 412 words

Lose Weight Fast: Drink Water 428

Tips to Lose Weight Over the Holidays 426 words

Think Your Way Thin 439 words

Walk Off the Weight 516 words

Is the Atkins or Low Carb Diet For You? 474 words

Five Low Calorie and Scrumptious Dinner Recipes 684 words

Five Tips for Fast Quick Weight Loss 462 words

Four Tricks to Lose Belly Fat Quickly 408 words

What Is The Cabbage Soup Diet And Does It Work? 405 words

3 Foods to Lose weight fast and Cut Cholesterol 400 words

21 Autoresponders of 100 to 150 words each

12 Tweets

8 Social Media updates 50 to 100 words each

5 Memes

There are no refunds for this product. There are only 3 restrictions. 1. Do not put my name as author. 2. Do not resell as PLR. 3. Do not resell any graphics.

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Blast the Fat PLR

With all this content it's almost like getting a turnkey product without you doing any of the work.

Stand Out From the Pack

Hi, I'm Dee Power. My Writing partner, Brian Hill, and I provide you with well-researched and well-written content.

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plr packagesAre you providing content that is FUN to read as well as INFORMATIVE?

How You can Use the PLR

Amazon has a ton of books, over 100,000 titles and videos on weight loss.

Any problems please email dee @ deepowerofplr. com Remove the extra spaces, please

No refunds on this product.

There are only 3 restrictions. 1. Do not put my name as author. 2. Do not resell as PLR. 3. Do not resell the photos.

Coupon code "blastlist" for a 50% discount.

Blast the Fat PLR

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