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Done for You, Professionally Written PLR

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This professionally written package gives you tons of done for you content. Evergreen? Yes. High quality? Of course. Can you edit it? Naturally. Call it your own? Absolutely.

The Essential Health and Wellness Journal/Planner PLR

healthy lifestyle

Declare Your Independence from an Unhealthy Lifestyle Everybody from grandma to teenagers, single men to grandpas and everyone in between wants to get rid of belly bloat, jiggly thighs, love handles and big butts. And feel healthier in the process. It’s a huge market.
Here’s what’s included:
30 Day Health and Wellness Guide

5 customized introductions that you can use on your sales page, in emails and in the beginning of the journal/planner to sell to 5 different niches.

21 Day Challenge

12 Social Media Posters

4 lead magnets. Tips and Tricks to Help Control Diabetes, Tips and Tricks to lower Blood Pressure, Weight Loss Tips, and Tips to Live a Healthy Life All the guides come with covers.

3300 word guide to 15 different eating/diet programs. Included are short descriptions of the most popular eating/diet programs- low carb, juicing, gluten-free,
smoothies and soups, whole foods, whole30, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, raw, low calorie, high protein,  Intermittent fasting, keto,and mindful eating.

18 Foods Lower Blood Pressure

18 Heart Healthy Foods

18 Foods to Lower Cholesterol

And a recipe book with cover, that incorporates those foods into 21 mouth-watering, kitchen tested recipes.

Plus 4 slide show presentations on the super foods apples, broccoli, nuts, and tomatoes.

Sleep Disorder Treatment PLR Package

fall asleep fast

Sleep disorders affect 60 million people in the United States. That’s 30% of the adult population. Nearly everyone has had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. It’s a common problem affecting all ages from children to grandparents.

This PLR package gives your subscribers:
Guide book with 52 ways to get a sound nights sleep

list of 12 amazon products

8 graphic images.

Sleep Diary

Healthy Sleep Recipes Book 21 recipes, 9 pages and over 2000 words that focus on sleep inducing foods. Includes photos.

8 sleep aid product reviews for Amazon products. The work is done for you. No scrambling around trying to find products that have a good sales record and positive reviews.

Power Point Slide Presentation of Food to Help you Sleep

Blast the Fat Weight Loss PLR

New Year’s resolutions are here. Weight loss is one of the top resolutions.
Here’s what’s included:
6000+ word ebook docx and pdf

12 articles ranging from 400 to 500 words each

21 Autoresponder series of 100 to 150 words each

12 Tweets

8 Social Media updates 50 to 100 words each, includes photos5 Memes

The Whole Foods Eating Program is one of the most Popular on the Internet.

healthy eating plr The challenge is after a few weeks you run out of ideas for meals. That problem is solved with the Whole Foods PLR package. Now You Can Provide Your Readers with Valuable Info about how to combine delicious mostly plant-based foods into bountiful breakfasts, luscious lunches and delicious diners the whole family can enjoy.

You receive Whole Week of Whole Foods Recipe Guide including 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners

List of the most common GMO foods

List of the least 12 least pesticide contaminated foods

List of the most pesticide contaminated foods.

Guide to Grains and How to Cook Them.

Guide to Different Beans And How to Cook Them

Build a Meal in A Bowl Guide

As an added bonus a Healthy Eating Checklist is part of the package.

What You Need to Know About the Flu and Colds

flu and colds plr The Always Popular and Growing Health and Well-Being Niche What You Need to Know About the Flu PLR. Influenza “The Flu” Affects Millions of People Every Year. It shows up as regularly as the changing of the seasons. Everyone dreads getting it, and everyone is curious how to avoid it. This Strategic bundle plr package includes:
5,000+ word ebook “What You Need to Know About the Flu,”

12 articles of 400 to 500 words each,

36 Health tips for a total of over 1600 words.

Set up a mega health and wellness site. Or set up 5 different blogs. Sell the guidebooks or give them away to grow your list.

Post the photos and memes on social media sites.

You may NOT resell the content as PLR.

There are no refunds for this digal product.