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Golf is a $78 billion market

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plr packages25 million people in the United States play golf.

plr packagesThe average income of a golfer is over $100,000

plr packagesGolfers spend an average of over $3,000 per year on golf.

plr packagesAmazon shows nearly a quarter of million golf products, equipment videos and books. And that's just Amazon.

plr packagesMany golf club, bag, shoe clothing and training equipment online retailers offer affiliate programs.

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This content is written by Brian Hill who actually plays golf, not someone scrounging around for information on the Internet. Brian is a scratch golfer, whose golf articles have appeared on Golfsmith, GolfLink, and AZ Central. He's also the commercially published author.

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There are no refunds for this digital product

Golf Extravaganza  PLR

There are only 3 restrictions. 1. Do not put my name or Brian's as author. 2. Do not resell as PLR. 3. Do not resell any graphics.

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Golf on a Budget Ebook Chapter Outline

Golf: A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Set Goals and a Budget for Golf

Cheap Golf Vacations

Donít Get Teed Off By High Greens Fees

What Do You Call a Golf Vacation Where You Never Leave Home? A Golf Staycation

Discount Coupons Can Save You Can Save You Cash

Give and Take Ė Reciprocity Join a Club and Save

Net-ing Bargains on Golf Equipment

Demo Clubs and Clones

Auction Sites

Golf Travel: Have Fun Without Having to Take Out A Second Mortgage

Golfing and Cruising

Article Titles

Golf Fitness Improves Your Golf Score 447 words

Improve Your Golf Game: 3-Part Strategy 416 words

Spring Checklist for Golf 598 words

Golfing Tips to Improve Your Golf Game 648 words

Improve Your Golf Swing - Practice Like a Pro 485 words

Improve Your Golf Game For the Upcoming Golf Season! 493 words

And You Receive 21 Golf Tips

These tips average over 200 words each. Perfect for blog posts or social media updates. Combine two or three tips into an article.

There's only three things you can't do with this material: Resell it as PLR, sell the photographs/images or use Brian's name as the author.

There are no refunds for this product.

Get Your Fair Share of this $70 billion market

Download your copy of this Gigantic Golf PLR Package Now.

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There are no refunds for this digital product

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