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What Makes This Keto PLR Different?

It's simple. What do you do when you want to celebrate but stay on your Keto eating program? And have food that friends and family that aren't on Keto will rave about.

Parties, celebrations, special events, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, anniversaries, – the list goes on and on. And then there’s the Holidays – from Thanksgiving to New Year’s; a time of fun, festivities, family, and friends. From open houses to midnight buffets; from brunch to cozy suppers; from informal gatherings to formal dinners; how do you keep to your Keto Program and still enjoy yourself? And just as important, as a hostess how do you offer your guest Keto compliant party food that goes beyond a meat and cheese platter?

keto tricksThis guide gives you the answers. All the recipes keep to the Keto program while enticing diners with tempting tidbits, luscious dips, savory sauces and yummy munchies.

keto tricksThe content, recipes, tips, tricks, and techniques were written by Dee Power. She loves to eat food. Write about food. and share her love of food.

keto tricks70 recipes and suggestions in this 27 page book of 8600 words means you have enough content to post for the next two months.

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Here's What's Included in the Keto Party Food

Presentation and Garnish Suggestions

As any experienced hostess will tell you; presentation is just as important as the food. We eat with our eyes. Suggestions for serving, presentation, and garnishes are included.

Delicious Dips, Chips, and Crisps

Every dip needs a chip but chips made with flour, corn meal or potatoes just don’t make the Keto cut. Use vegetables with a low carb count like celery, broccoli, and zucchini in place of crackers.

Basic Dip Mix
Lemon pepper
3 onion

Crackers and Crisps
Veggie crisps
Parmesan cheese crackers
Seed crackers
Pepperoni crisps

Bacon Wrapped Anything keto tricksThe tangy rich flavor of bacon compliments nearly everything it's paired with. Make sure you use bacon that contains no sugar. Cut strips of bacon in halves or thirds depending on what you’re wrapping. Cook until almost crisp but not quite. Wrap around the other food item while still warm and pliable.

Green beans
Jalapeno poppers

Sauces and Butters

Sauces and butters add flavor and finesse to just about any dish. Most are best served hot or at least warm but several are just fine at room temperature. Gently reheat egg-based sauces over very low heat, otherwise the say may separate or curdle.


Hollandaise Sauce
Cheese Sauce
Brown butter Sauce
Buffalo wing Sauce
French Sauce
Garlic Sauce
Anchovy Sauce


Lemon Dill Butter
Herbed Butter
Citrus Butter
Berry Butter
Cheese Butter

Marvelous Mushrooms

keto tricksMushrooms are a keto-perfect vegetable with only 1 carb per cupful. Whether stuffed, sautéed, in soups or as sliders, mushrooms are versatile.

Beef and Goat Cheese sliders
Burger sliders

Meatball Munchies

Each of these meatballs contain a surprise in the center. Make ahead and freeze until it's party time. Then reheat in a slow oven. Think outside the standard Italian meatballs. Serve at room temperature or hot. These marvelous morsels are great at a buffet or as a main course. Spear each meatball with a toothpick to make serving neater and for dipping.


Chicken, Chicken, It's a Winner

It's hard to find a more versatile and inexpensive meat than chicken. You'll find some party favorites here including Buffalo wings and chicken tenders made the Keto way.

Bacon wrapped
Spicy kabobs


Beef it's on the Keto party menu in a number of different dishes. Served hot or at room temperature. Select tender cuts of beef like sirloin or tenderloin when grilling or broiling. Choose tougher cuts of meat such as round or chuck for slow cooking.

Steak bites
Chili shooters
Beef stroganoff


keto tricksStart your dinner party with these appetizers or serve buffet style. Most should be kept cold so place on ice or buy freezer packs, freeze then place under the serving platters. At a cocktail party figure on 6 appetizers per guest. At a dinner party you only need 4 because of the upcoming entrees.

Salmon salad on cucumber slices
Ham salad on endive
Ham and cheese rollups
Veggie salad stuffed mini sweet peppers
Spiced nuts
Stuffed olives
Coconut shrimp

Super Soups

Think rich creamy soups or soups made with low net carb vegetables. Want to bump up the fat content and flavor? Add heavy cream, a swirl of sour cream or a pat of butter right before serving.

Cold avocado soup
Cream of broccoli soup
Earthy mushroom soup

Eggcellant Egg Dishes

Elegant egg stuffed celery
Egg wrappers
Asian Pancakes
Frittata fiesta

Fat Bombs

Fat Bombs are a mainstay of the Keto diet. Basically they're flavored cream cheese, butter or coconut oil. Off both sweet and savory fat bombs. Keep on ice if the temperature is warm as butter becomes soft and coconut oil liquefies at warm temperatures.

Savory Fat Bombs

Smoked Salmon

Dessert Fat Bombs


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