Sleep disorders affect 30% of the adults in the United States.

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Lack of Sleep impairs:


Reasoning and Problem solving

Deep sleep cycles consolidate memories of the previous day. Miss those sleep cycles and your memory falters.

Sleep deprivation affects your daily life

beat insomnia plr packagesIt kills your sex drive

beat insomnia plr packagesAges your skin

beat insomnia plr packagesCauses your body to release more cortisol and less human growth hormones

beat insomnia plr packagesCauses you to gain weight

beat insomnia plr packagesIncreases hunger and appetite

beat insomnia plr packagesStimulates cravings for high-fat, high carbohydrate foods

beat insomnia plr packagesHinders tissue repair and healing

beat insomnia plr packagesLack of sleep leads to depression which worsens insomnia in a vicious cycle.

Sleep Disorder Treatment PLR Package

Dee PowerThis SLEEP Disorder PLR package presented by Dee Power provides everything you need for your health and wellness blog or website.

Dee Power's articles have appeared on numerous websites. She's also the author of several commercially published books. She's written thousands, yes thousands of freelance articles.

Sleep Solutions PLR Package

This SLEEP Solutions PLR package presented by Dee Power, published author, provides everything you need for your health and wellness blog or website.

Here is what’s included:

Sleep Diary Sleep experts recommend keeping track of how you slept, the day's events, how you feel emotionally and any sleep aids you used.

The Sleep Diary does exactly that. Every day for a month you note in your Sleep Diary what happened. At the end of every week you review your progress and think about what you can do the next week to improve your sleep. The Sleep Diary has 31 pages, one for each day of the month, 4 weekly review pages and one monthly review page.

Copy the document over for the next month.

Cover graphic included.

Healthy Sleep Recipes Book 21 recipes, 9 pages and over 2000 words that focus on sleep inducing foods. Includes photos.

Sure you could just grab a banana before bed but why not create something that satisfies your cravings and helps you sleep. The recipes focus on food high in sleep inducing melatonin, trytophan, magnesium, and protein.

Try Inside Out Turkey Rollups or a Fresh Tropical Fruit Salad. Or maybe you'd prefer Stuffed Tomatoes.

Each recipe has been personally tested and refined by Dee Power (who has her own food blog.) Split the recipes up and use as blog posts. Use the book as a giveaway.

Cover graphic included.

Sell the book. Use it as a giveaway. Blog each recipe or use in a newsletter.

Power Point Slide Presentation of Food to Help you Sleep Use the presentation on youtube or your own blog.

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What's this going to cost you? Ony $17.00

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