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Tis the season to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. This plr package gives you lots of content for your blog, a giveaway, social media posts and more. Included is a Grilling Tips Guidebook, a list of red, white and blue vegetables and fruits and recipes, Great party food kids love, Fourth of July games and activities and Summer fun games and activities. Plus photographs. Over 8,000 words.

Grilling Tips Guidebook

grilling guide Millions of us enjoy outdoor cooking. It's part of the rhythm of our lives, as natural as the changing of the seasons. Guys whose only time spent in the kitchen involves searching for beer in the refrigerator jump at the chance to cook dinner on the outdoor grill. Why?

It's just plain fun, and a great social activity, gathering in the backyard with friends or family for a relaxed cookout. Becoming a competent backyard chef doesn't require any prior cooking skill or experience. You can start with the basics, such as grilling burgers or steaks, and as you gain confidence, expand your repertoire to more complex dishes. You can experiment with spice rubs and sauces, until you create your own signature recipes. Over 3,500 words.

grilling guideWhy We Love Grilling Outdoors
Don't Make Boring Steaks
Grilling For a Large Group
Add Creativity and Zest to Your Barbecue Sauces and Marinades
How to Grill With Marinades

Red, White, and Blue Recipes

grilling guideDid you know that potatoes come in blue? Or carrots can be red? Keep the Fourth of July color scheme going with lists of fruits and vegetables in red, white, and blue and 7 recipes. Over 1,000 words.

Great Party Food Kids Will Love

fourth of julySometimes kids can be choosy about what they eat. Not so with these tips, tricks and techniques. Four articles for a total of over 2000 words.

Tips For Great Easy Party Food
Party Ideas For Kids - Party Food Kids Love
Kids Party Ideas - 3 Tips For Great Kid's Party Food
Kid's Party Drinks and Punch - Recipes and Ideas

Independence Day Fun and Activities

grilling guideWaiting for the Fourth of July barbecue and the fireworks display can seem to take ages. Keep kids and adults busy with activities throughout the day. 500 words

Summer Fun and Activities

grilling guideAfter the initial rush of freedom from school, kids will be telling you "there's nothing to do. I'm bored." Keep them busy with these activities and games. 1000 words


To top off the package you get 6 photos and the book cover for the grilling guide

grilling guideThere are no refunds for this digital product. Remember your coupon code of "fourth" for your 50% discount

Fun for Summer

Dee PowerDee Power was born on the East Coast and grew up on the West Coast. She holds a Master of Business Administration. She started her writing career in the second grade by writing a Thanksgiving Day play which debuted before many appreciative parents. Dee has been engaged to do consulting projects for a myriad of different companies, and realizes now that her management consulting career is over her brain is filled with data about almost every industry.

She has written with her co-author Brian Hill four commercially published books. She has written and been paid for thousands of articles, web content, guides and ebooks. Writing about food is one of her favorite topics.

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Fun for Summer

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