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plr packagesValentine Day's isn't just for lovers and is celebrated worldwide.

plr packagesOver 58 million pounds of chocolates are sold in the 7 preceding days before February 14 and that's just in the United States

plr packages250 million roses are sold.

plr packages190 million Valentine cards are sent.

plr packagesJewelry, lingerie, and sparkling wine sales sky rocket for Valentine's Day.

plr packagesRestaurant sales increase 65% over any other day including weekends.

How can you make money for Valentine's Day Sales

Most online flower sellers have an affiliate program.

Amazon lists over 20,000 items using the search term "Valentine Day" has millions of products and an affiliate program

Ebay has an affiliate program as well.

Party items can be found at the Oriental Trading company and is known for reasonable prices. Once again they have an affiliate program.

Many fruit gift box firms, wine retailers, lingerie companies, edible fruit and candy arrangement businesses have affiliate programs and Valentine's specials.

What is included in this Valentine's Day PLR package

How Valentine's Day Got Started 500 words

plr packagesYou may not know it, but Valentine's is celebrated in nearly every country, although not always on February 14th. There are several explanations as to how the day got started. Most agree that it was in 500 AD so the holiday is over 1500 years old. 500 words

The Beginning





Valentine Cards and Gifts 1100 words

Yes you could buy expensive Valentine Cards, up to $5.00 each, or a box of inexpensive cards that children exchange. Or you could create your own, rather different, Valentine cards and gifts for pennies.

Monkey Around

Plant One on Me

Alternative Plant one on me

Valentines with a Twist

Funny Faces

Campfire Valentine

Valentine Day Party Games and Activities 320 words

plr packagesValentine's Day is more than just a day for sweethearts. It's celebrated by parents, children, friends and school mates.


Tic Tac Toe

Find the Key to my Heart

Make Valentine Poems. Name Game.

Rent children's "Love" movies.

Make a new tradition for Valentine's day.

Spread the Love.

Play charades using romance movie titles.

Valentine Breakfasts 569 words

plr packagesYou may not think of breakfast when you think of Valentine's Day but why not give your day a lift with one of these four menus.



Plant Based

Whole Foods

Valentine Day Gifts 1600 words

You don't need to spend hours shopping or break the bank to come up with a clever and appropriate Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine's Gift Ideas For Her 418 words

Valentine's Day Gifts - 2 Ideas 403 words

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - A Twist on Gift Baskets 402 words

Valentine Photos, Graphics, and Memes

!2 graphics and photos. You've seen a few of them on this sales page.

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