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Don’t Panic: What You Need to Know about the Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) PLR Package

The news is full of dire warnings about the new Wuhan Coronavirus 2019-nCoV from China spreading through out thr world.

Turn on TV and more countries have citizens that have been infected. Listen to the radio and it seems the infected count rises every hour. Social media is crammed with posts and comments. Airports are testing passengers for fever (one of the earliest symptoms). And cities in China are under quarantine. Cruiselines shios have been stranded. Schools, factories, and offices have been closed.

Is the world ending? Are we being invaded by the superbug of the century? Is this a conspiracy to take over the world through bio warfare?


This 5000 word report and accompanying PLR content has been compiled using reliable sources such as the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and published scientific research.

You will NOT find a cure for the Wuhan Coronavirus in this report because there isn’t any.

What you will find is information you can use to protect yourself and your family, and maybe find a little peace of mind in the process.

This 5,000 word report includes topics:

What is a Coronavirus 2019-nCoV?

Influenza is More Prevalent and Deadlier than the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Viruses, Including the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus, Are Nasty Creatures

The Wuhan Coronavirus is Brand New.

What’s Dangerous About the Wuhan Coronavirus

Why Be Concerned About the Wuhan Coronavirus,2019-nCoV

How the Wuhan Coronavirus is Transmitted

Symptoms: What Happens When You Become Infected



Boosting Your Immune System

You Think You May Have the Wuhan Coronavirus 2019-nCoV


You receive 10 articles

Coronavirus Symptoms and How it Spreads

Preventing the Spread of the Coronavirus

Hand Washing Number 1 in Preventing the Coronavirus

After You Come Down With the Coronavirus

What to Do If A Family Member Comes Down With the Coronavirus or Flu

Coronavirus and Flu Prevention: Does Vitamin C Prevent the Flu

3 Ways to Cut Down the Chances of Getting the Wuhan Coronavirus

Is the Coronavirus Killed by Ultraviolet light?

Keep The Wuhan Coronavirus at Bay With a Healthy Lifestyle

The Wuhan Coronavirus: Stay Informed and Ready

You receive 10 Short Tips

And You’ll receive the Question and Answer Sheet below:

How do I know I if I have the Wuhan Coronavirus?
The virus can be confirmed with a diagnostic test at the hospital based on the gene sequence of the virus.

Is there a cure for the Wuhan Coronavirus?

How deadly is the Wuhan Coronavirus?
The fatality rate is about 3%.

Is there a vaccine to prevent getting the Wuhan Coronavirus?
No. Vaccines for a new virus can take up to a year to create.

How is the Wuhan Coronavirus transmitted?
From person to person through either respiratory droplets or from touching a surface where the virus has been deposited by someone who has the virus.

Where do Coronaviruses start?
In animals. The virus can mutate so that occasionally it is passed from person to person.

Why did the Wuhan Coronavirus originate in China?
The reason could be that the culture in China relies on live animals as a food source offered through markets. Additionally Chinese cuisine is based on a wide variety of animals.

Do antiviral prescription drugs work for the Wuhan Coronavirus as they do for the flu?
No. Not currently.

Can I get the Wuhan Coronavirus from someone who looks and acts perfectly healthy?
Yes. If the person has the Wuhan Coronavirus, s/he may not exhibit any symptoms for 7 to 10 days.

Will the quarantine in China stop the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus?
Probably not. Even though the quarantine has been extended to 50 million people in China with sweeping travel restrictions both going into China or leaving, the official total of those infected may seriously understated. The long incubation, 10 to 24 days, means thousands may have left Wuhan long before the quarantine took effect.

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